Our Clients


Our clients are retired, full of life and ready to travel and enjoy retirement.  They don't want to spend time worrying about their home.  They turn the house management over to us.

On-the-Go Business People

Our clients are busy with their jobs - traveling, at the office more than they are at home - and they don't have the time or energy to worry about home repairs.  They turn that repair and maintenance management over to us.

Second Home Owners

Our clients have a wonderful second home but are not nearby and need someone to help them manage the upkeep of their second home.  They turn the upkeep and maintenance over to us.

Growing Families

Our clients bought their home when it was just the two of them.  Now they have kids and pets and they don't want to spend their evenings and weekends working on the house.  They turn that chore over to us.


Our clients purchased a home for their corporation to house employees who have moved to the area but need a place to live while they find their own home.  But they don't have the resources to maintain and clean the home.  They turn those services over to us to manage for them.

Aging Parents

Our clients parents want to age gracefully in their own but the kids do not have the time or live far away to help them keep the house in order and/or to equip for wheelchair usage.  They turn the responsibility over to use to help them keep their parents safely in their own home.