About Us

Our Business is Owned by Our Employees

You can be confident that YHMS will follow through because we ALL own this business. We want the work done just like we are doing it for ourselves.

Kerri Person - Kerri@TriadYHMS.com

Griffin Person - Griffin@TriadYHMS.com

Fred Holt - Fred@TriadYHMS.com

Bobby Sink - Bobby@TriadYHMS.com

Amy Ketterman - Amy@TriadYHMS.com

Vetted Vendor List

Worried the painter is not insured or is charging you too much?  No worries.  All our Vendors are insured and proven to be reliable and with reasonable rates.  And most offer us a special discount which we pass along to you!

Guaranteed to Get it Done Right

At YHMS we have seen just about everything possible that can happen to a home and we know how to fix it - reasonably and responsibly.  When the work is done, we stand behind our vendors.